New York Bankers Association


For more than a century, the New York Bankers Association (NYBA) has been at the vanguard of the financial services industry.  NYBA is comprised of the commercial banks and thrift institutions that engage in the banking business in New York State.  Our members have aggregate assets in excess of $10 trillion and more than 200,000 New York employees.

About the New York Bankers Association

Since 1894, it has been the New York Bankers Association’s primary mission to be the State’s preeminent provider of legislative and regulatory services to a unified banking industry.  Over the years, the Association’s mission has grown to include educational programs, public relations, political action and member services geared to enhance the profitability and stature of New York ’s banking industry.  Today, the New York Bankers Association represents community, regional and money center commercial banks and thrift institutions in New York State with 200,000 employees and more than $10 trillion in aggregate assets.  Several years ago, NYBA merged with the Community Bankers Association of New York State, strengthening further the unified voice of New York ’s banking industry.

“Finding Common Purpose”A brief video about the New York Bankers Association, its history and the importance of forging unity and consensus in the banking industry — now more than ever. 

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The Good Deeds Bank



The Good Deeds Bank: Good Things Banks Do in Your Neighborhood Every Day
Banks are coming under heavy fire from all sides. It’s more important than ever for the banking industry to publicize its long-standing commitment to serving the communities in which it operates. The Good Deeds website is an online resource designed to showcase our members’ civic, philanthropic and consumer initiatives.