2019 Bank Security Seminar

Handling Your Security Responsibilities in Today’s Environment
Helping You Make Sound Decisions

September 12, 2019 | Embassy Suites Syracuse Destiny USA | Syracuse, NY

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Security challenges require constant vigilance.  Rising rates of bank fraud and ever evolving technology have created new challenges for financial institutions of all sizes.  For more than 25 years, the New York Bankers Association has presented security training to assist banks in meeting their security obligations.  Moderated by Barry Thompson of Thompson Consulting Group, this year’s program brings together new presenters and a panel of bank security/risk management professionals to share insights and answer your questions.  Learn, share and walk away with best practices for protecting your institution. Join us for new topics, great discussions and important networking.

Who Should Attend: Security officers, fraud investigators, risk managers, operations, branch management/administration, compliance, HR, training and audit professionals. Each participant will receive a Workbook and Certificate of Attendance.

Proposed Agenda
8:30 a.m. Registration 
8:50 a.m. Introductions
9:00 a.m. Program

  • Securing the Future   
    Security technology is rapidly changing.  New advances in surveillance, access control, and branch design can be exciting, innovative, and efficient.  New technology is also of great benefit to the bank security officer’s efforts and the overall security of the branch environment.  With new technology comes new concerns and a need for policy and procedures to address its use.  Join us for a look into recent advances and their application in the world of bank security.
  • 15 Errors to Avoid When Conducting Internal Investigations
    Internal fraud can cost financial institutions unrecoverable money and time.  When the embezzler hasn’t been identified, emotions run high!  Investigations launched in panic with the wrong leaders may cause unexpected complications.  This eye-opening presentation will explain what not to do.  Staff who have not been trained on internal embezzlement may cause flawed investigations, harassment charges, and unsolved losses.  This program will explain 15 errors that can result in a failed investigation.  Awareness of these pitfalls will enable your institution to establish an action plan that will protect you when the unthinkable happens.  


12:00 p.m. Lunch 
1:00 p.m. Program Resumes

  • Board Reporting: The Security Perspective
    Regulations specify that the Security Officer must report to the board annually and that the implementation, administration, and effectiveness of the security program be addressed. What exactly the Security Officer should report to the board is not clearly identified in the regulations.  This interactive session will review best practices relating to training, inspections, and foreseeable events that should be reported to your board. 
  • The Psychology of Robbery:  Inside the Robber’s Head
    This program takes a look inside the head of a bank robber.  Learn what their motivating factors are and why they do what they do. When a potential robber walks through the front door, the actions or inactions of the financial institution’s staff can have a definite impact on what happens next.  Learn what the courage desk is and how it’s used in the robber’s decision making process.  We’ll review factors that make your institution a favorable target and discuss tactics that can aid in reducing that likelihood.

4:00 p.m. Adjournment 

Embassy Suites Destiny USA 311 Hiawatha Boulevard W. Syracuse, NY 13204 UNITED STATES

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