Coronavirus-Related Resources

NYBA is committed to sharing vital COVID 19-related information and updates with the banking community and has created this resource page with various links that will be updated continually.

State of New York
NY Hero Act Designation Ends March 17 (posted 3/18/22)
Gov. Hochul Extends COVID Emergency Through April 15 (posted 3/18/22)
NY Hero Act Update, Extended to March 17 (posted 2/16/22)
NY Hero Act Update, Effective February 10 (posted 2/10/22)
Governor Extends Mask Mandate Until February 10 (posted 1/28/22)
DOH Extends NY Hero Act until February 15 (posted 1/18/22)
DOH Interim Update - Isolation and Quarantine Guidance (posted 1/4/22)
NYS Extends NY Hero Act Designation (posted 12/17/21)
NYS Updated FAQs for Businesses and Venues/Mask Mandate (posted 12/14/21)
NYS FAQs for Businesses and Venues/Mask Mandate (posted 12/13/21)
Gov. Hochul Issues New Indoor Mask Mandate (posted 12/10/21) 
Gov. Hochul Extends Hero Act Designation (posted 10/05/21)
Gov. Hochul Signs NY Hero Act Declaration (posted 9/7/2021)
Model Plans and Additional Information
NYS Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium Extension (posted 9/3/2021)
NYS State of Emergency to End June 24  (posted 6/24/2021)
NYBA Chart: All Coronavirus-related Banking Activity in NYS     (updated 5/28/21)
NYS Rental Assistance & Small Business Recovery Grant Program Announcement (posted 5/25/21)
                     Information for ERAP Providers
                     Information for Landlords
                     Helpful Videos:
Understanding the ERAP Requirements and Applying for Funding

                          Understanding the Landlord Portal for the ERAP
                          Using the Tenant Application and Uploading Documents for the ERAP

NYS Adopts New CDC Guidelines for Masks/Distancing for the Vaccinated (posted5/21/21)
Expanded Vaccine Eligibility for People Age 30+ (posted 3/30/21)/
Expanded Vaccine Eligibility for People Age 60+ (posted 3/9/21)
Revised: Required Quarantine Period Reduced to 10 Days (posted 12/30/20)
Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium and Hardship Declaration  (posted 12/29/20)
State of New York COVID Vaccination Information  (posted 12/17/20)
Executive Order 202.82: Dispensing of Vaccines (posted 12/16/20)
Executive Order 202.81: Extends to January 31 Moratorium on Commercial Evictions & Foreclosures  (posted 12/16/20)
Executive Order 202.74: Statewide Curfews for Certain Businesses/Private Gathering Restrictions (posted 11/12/2020)
Executive Order 202.72: Extends E-Notary & Residential Foreclosure Provisions of EO 202.67 to Dec 3  (posted 11/6/20)
        ***Also, now requires any summary eviction proceeding for nonpayment of rent pending as of November 3, 2020 to be answered within 60 days
Executive Order 205.2: Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in New York (updated 10/31/2020)
Executive Order 202.71: Also Extending Eviction Moratorium to January 1  (posted 10/30/20)
Executive Order 202.20: Extending Commercial Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium to January 1 (posted 10/21/20)
Executive Order 202.68: Cluster Zones & Mass Gatherings  (posted 10/7/20)
Executive Order 202.67: Extending E-Notary until November 3  (posted 10/5/20)
Executive Order 202.66: Extending Residential Eviction Moratorium to January 1  (posted 9/30/20)
Executive Order 202.64: Extending Commercial Eviction Moratorium to October 20 (posted 9/21/20)
Executive Order 202.60: Extending Residential Foreclosure & Eviction Moratorium (posted 9/11/20)
Executive Order 202.57: Extending Commercial Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium  (posted 8/24/20)
NYS Court System: Extension of Residential Eviction Moratorium to October  (8/13/20)
Executive Order 202.55: Eviction Moratorium and E-Notary Extension to Sept. 4  (posted 8/6/20)
DFS FAQs on Residential Mortgage Forbearance  (posted 8/3/20)
State Comptroller's COVID-19 Financial Survival Toolkit for New Yorkers  (posted 7/31/20)
NYS COVID-19 Rental Assistance Voucher Program  (posted 7/14/20)
Executive Order 205: NYS Dept. of Health re: Out-of-State Travelers  (posted 7/14/20)
          Travelers Form (posted 7/14/20)
NY State Travel Restrictions and Airport Operations (posted 7/14/20)
Executive Order 202.50: Opening Shopping Malls  (posted 7/13/20)
Executive Order 202.48: Eviction Moratorium/Commercial (posted 7/7/20)
Department of Health Travel Advisory  (posted 6/30/20)
Executive Order 202.45: Employee Paid Sick Leave/Hotspot Travel  (posted 6/29/20)
Executive Order 205: Quarantine Restrictions for Travelers to Tri-State Area  (posted 6/25/20)
DFS: Letter to Financial Institutions on Credit Reporting  (posted 6/17/20)
DFS: Letter to Credit Reporting Agencies on Credit Reports  (posted 6/17/20)
DFS Launches FastForward Program for Innovators  (posted 6/9/20)
Empire State Dev Corp: Guidance on Phase 2 Reopening (posted 5/29/20)
NY Forward Loan Fund: $100 Million for Small Business Loans Focusing on MWBEs (posted 5/23/20)
NY Forward Business Reopening Lookup Tool (posted 5/18/20)
Executive Order 202.38: Extending All EOs to July 6 (posted 6/7/20)
Executive Order 202.34: Phase 2 Reopening (posted 6/1/20)
Executive Order 202.34: Authorizing Business to Refuse Service to Customers without Face Coverings (posted 5/29/20)
Executive Order 202.32: Modifications for Certain Tax Payments (posted 5/22/20)
Executive Order 202.31:Extends NY on PAUSE Until May 28 for Some Areas (posted 5/15/20)
Empire State Development Corp: Phase 1 Reopening Information (posted 5/15/20)
State of New York Regional Reopening Dashboard (posted 5/12/20)
Attorney General: Protection of Consumer Credit Ratings (posted 4/28/20)
Attorney General: CARES Act Payments & Debt Collection (posted 4/18/20)
DFS: New Guidance on Holding Virtual Required Meetings & Extension of Time on Stockholder Meetings (posted 4/16/20)
Executive Order 202.29: Extending Certain Prior Orders Until June 7 (posted 5/9/20)
Governor Cuomo: Extending New York State on PAUSE until May 15 (posted 4/17/20)
Executive Order 202.28: Extending Eviction Moratorium to August 20 (posted 5/8/20)
Executive Order 202.24: Regarding the Testing of Essential Workers (posted 4/26/20)
Executive Order 202.22: Regarding Local Tax Rolls (posted 4/24/20)
Executive Order 202.17: Protective Face Coverings in Public Places (posted 4/16/20)
Executive Order 202.16: Protective Equipment for Essential Employees (posted 4/13/20)
NYS List of Essential Businesses - Changes related to lawyers, real estate, debt collectors (posted 4/9/20)
DFS: Cybersecurity Guidance  (posted 4/13/20)
DFS:NYS-Regulated Student Loan Servicers Required to Provide Borrower Support (posted 4/8/20)
Executive Order: All Previous Orders Extended Until May 7 (posted 4/7/20)
Governor Cuomo to Extend NYS on PAUSE Until April 15 (posted 3/29/20)
DFS Emergency Regulation 
(posted 3/24/20)
DFS Industry Letter Regarding Paycheck Protection Program (posted 4/5/20)
DFS Urges State Regulated Entities to Fund CDFIs (posted 4/5/20)
NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance Coronavirus Website (posted 3/23/20)
         NYS Tax Filing and Payment Date Officially Moved to July 15 (posted 3/30/20)    
        Guidance on Penalty Abatement and Other Matters (posted 3/23/20)
EO 202.9: Forbearance Guidance for Mortgage/Fee Relief (posted 3/21/20)
               DFS Emergency Regulation (posted 3/24/20)

Latest Guidance on Essential Services (posted 3/21/20)
Reducing Non-Essential Workforces by 100%--Banks Remain Essential (posted 3/21/2020)
90-Day Moratorium on Evictions of Individuals/Businesses  (posted 3/21/2020)
New Restrictions on Vulnerable Citizens (posted 3/20/2020)
Questions & Answers about the Essential Services Order (posted 3/23/20)
Empire State Development Corp. List of Essential Services (posted 3/20/20)
Notary Services by Video (posted 3/20/20)

DFS Consumer Letter Clarifying the Waiving of Certain Fees (posted 3/19/20)
Guidance Clarifying Governor Cuomo's Statement on Mortgage Relief (posted 3/19/20)
NYS Department of Financial Services
NYS Department of Health (Governor Cuomo's Updates)
     County-By-County COVID-19 Tracker - Updated Daily
     Executive Order - 50% Work from Home (Exempts Banks) (posted 3/19/20)
     Governor Cuomo Signs Paid Sick Leave Bill (posted 3/19/20)
     50% Work-From-Home Order Exempts Banks & Financial Services (Posted 3/18/2020)
     Governor Says NYC Shelter in Place Not Being Considered (Posted 3/17/20)
      Collection of Student and Medical Debt Owed to NYS Suspended (Posted 3/17/20)
NYS Office of Court Administration: Eviction Moratorium (Updated 3/17/20)

Federal Government
CDC: Streamlined Guidance on Isolation and Testing (posted 8/12/22)
CDC: Updated Guidance on Length of Isolation (posted 12/28/2021)
President Biden's Path out of the Pandemic COVID Action Plan (posted 9/10/82021)
CDC: Federal Eviction Moratorium Until October 3 (posted 8/4/21)
FHFA: New Multifamily Tenant Eviction Protections  (posted 7/28/21)
CDC: Updated Guidance for Fully-Vaccinated People (posted 7/28/21)
CDC: Extends Eviction Moratorium through July 31 (posted 6/25/21)
FHFA Extends Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium through July 31(posted 6/25/21)
FHFA: Mortgage Forbearance Extension for Multi-Family Owners  (posted 6/4/21)
SBA: Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program FAQs  (posted 4/28/21)
FHFA: Extension of Certain Loan Flexibilities  (posted 4/23/21))
CDC: Eviction  Moratorium Extended through June 30, 2021  (posted 3/29/21)
FDIC,OCC,Federal Reserve: SLR to Expire March 31 As Planned  (posted 3/19/21)
IRS: Revised FAQs for Third Round of Economic Impact Payments (EIP)  (posted 3/15/21)
FHFA: Extension of Foreclosure & Eviction Moratorium through June 30  (posted 2/26/21)
The White House: Extension of Forbearance & Foreclosure Protections Through June 30  (posted 2/17/21)
FHFA: Extension of Certain Evictions and REO Foreclosures Through March 31(posted 2/11/21)
           Freddie Mac  | Fannie Mae
FHFA: Extension of Certain Evictions and REO Foreclosures Through Feb 28 (posted 1/22/21)
FHA: Extension of Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium Through Feb 28 (posted 12/22/20)
EEOC: Guidance on Authority of Employers to Require Vaccines (posted 12/18/20)
FHFA: Extension Until December 31 Policies Re: Purchase of Loans in Forbearance (11/13/20) 
FDIC: Audits, Regulatory Thresholds & Temporary Asset Growth (posted 10/20/20)
Federal Reserve: Final Rule on Govt. Program Participation & LCR (posted 10/2/20)
Federal Reserve: Extended Prohibition on Stock Repurchases (posted 10/2/20)
FDIC: Final Rule on Deferred Appraisals Due to COVID (posted 9/30/20)
FHFA: Extension of Forbearance Purchases and Other Allowances (posted 9/25/20)
HUD: Underwriting Guidelines for Borrowers Previously in Forbearance
IRS: Guidance on Payroll Tax Deferral Program (9/4/20) 
CDC: Guidance Requiring Federal Eviction Moratorium Until Dec 31 (posted 9/4/20)
FDIC: Mitigating the Estimated Effects of CECL (posted 8/27/20)
FDIC: Automatic Restrictions on Distributions (posted 8/27/20)
FDIC: Temporarily Modifying Community Bank Leverage Ratio (posted 8/27/20)
IRS: Statement on 2020 RMDs Taken Before March 27 Suspension (posted 6/24/20)
FHFA; Additional Extension of Eviction/Foreclosure Moratorium (Until 8/31) (posted 6/17/20)
CFPB: Statement on Flexibility on Electronic Card Disclosures (posted 6/5/20)
Joint Agencies: Temporary SLR Change to Accommodate More Lending (posted 5/18/20)
FHFA: Extension of Moratorium on Certain  Evictions/Foreclosures Until June 30 (posted 5/15/20)
FDIC: Proposed Rule to Mitigate PPP Impact on Deposit Insurance Assessments (posted 5/13/20)
SBA: Temporary Access to EIDL Portal for Agriculture Businesses (posted 5/4/20)

Federal Reserve Main Street Lending Program:

New MSLP FAQs (posted 10/30/20)
Federal Reserve MSLP Term Sheets - New Minimum Loans of $100K (updated 10/30/20)
Federal Reserve Priority Loan Facility (MSPLF) Term Sheet (updated 10/30/20)
Federal Reserve Main Street Expanded Loan Facility (MSELF) Term Sheet (updated 10/30/2020)
Federal Reserve Nonprofit Org Expanded Loan Facility (NOELF) (updated 10/30/20)
Federal Reserve Nonprofit Org New Loan Facility (NONLF)  (updated 10/30/20)
Federal Reserve Expands MSLP to More Business in Bid to Boost Appeal (posted 6/8/20)
Federal Reserve Updates TALF Term Sheet (posted 5/12/20)
Federal Reserve Municipal Liquidity Facility Term Sheet (posted 5/11/20)
Main Street New Loan Facility Term Sheet
 (posted 4/30/20)
Main Street Priority Loan Facility Term Sheet (posted 4/30/20)
Main Street Expanded Loan Facility Term Sheet (posted 4/30/20)
Main Street Lending Program Frequently Asked Questions (posted 4/30/20)

EEOC: Delay of Collection of 2019 EEO-1 Data Until March 2021 (posted 5/8/20)
Federal Reserve: Agencies Modified Liquidity Coverage Ratio for PPPLF & MMMLF (posted 5/5/20)
FDIC: Updated FAQs - Financial Institutions & COVID-19 (updated 4/28/20)
OCC: Guidance on Visitorial Powers  (issued 4/24/20)
FHFA: Guidance on Forbearance (posted 4/27/20)
Freddie Mac: Guidance on Forbearance (issued 4/27/20)
Fannie Mae: Guidance on Forbearance (issued 4/27/20)

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

SBA: Direct Borrower Forgiveness Process Guidance (posted 7/29/21)
SBA: Lender Opt-In Portal for Direct Forgiveness Program (posted 7/29/21)
SBA: Guidance on Updated Deadlines (posted 4/23/21)
SBA: Procedures for Lenders to Certify Applications with Hold/Error Codes (posted 3/31/21)
SBA: Loan Guaranty Application for Lenders (posted 3/23/21)
SBA: Updated Second-Draw Lender Application Form (posted 3/23/21)
SBA: Updated First-Draw PPP Loan Application Form (posted 3/23/21)
SBA: Updated Second-Draw PPP Loan Application Form  (posted 3/23/21)
SBA: Updated First-Draw PPP Borrower App for Sch C Filers Using GI (posted 3/23/21)
SBA: Updated Second-Draw Borrower App for Sch C Filers Using GI (posted 3/23/21)
SBA: Rule - Payroll Calculation for Form 1040, Sch C Filers (posted 3/3/21)
SBA: New First Draw Application (posted 3/3/21)
SBA: New Second Draw Application (posted 3/3/21)
SBA: First Draw Schedule C Application (posted 3/3/21)
SBA: Second Draw Schedule C Application (posted 3/3/21)
SBA: Lender First Draw Form (posted 3/3/21)
SBA: Lender Second Draw Form (posted 3/3/21)
SBA: New First Draw Borrower Application Form (posted 2/24/21)
SBA: New Second Draw Borrower Application Form (posted 2/24/21)
The White House: Special Application Period for the Smallest Businesses  (posted 2/23/21)
SBA: Procedural Notice on Error Codes  (2/11/21)
SBA: Updated FAQs (posted 2/5/21)
IRS: Corrected 1099 Forms (2/5/21)
FinCen: PPP & BSA Compliance (2/5/21)
SBA: FAQs on Shuttered Venue Operators Grants (posted 2/1/21)
SBA: Guidance Second Draws with Unresolved First Draw Issues (1/29/21)
SBA: Changes to 7(a) Program  (1/29/21)
SBA: Certain 594 Loan Fees Eliminated  (1/29/21)
SBA: Borrower Assistance Notice  (1/29/21)
SBA: Interim Final Rule on Forgiveness (posted 1/20/21)
SBA: Simplified Forgiveness Form 3508S for Loans $150,000 or less  (posted 1/20/21)
SBA: Revised Form 3508  (posted 1/20/21)
SBA: Revised Form 350EZ (posted 1/20/21)
SBA: Borrower Disclosure/Conflict of Interest (posted 1/20/21)
SBA: FAQs on Max Loan Amounts for Second Draw (posted 1/19/21)

SBA: Guidance on Max Loan Amounts for First Draw  (posted 1/19/21)
SBA: Procedural Notice on Resubmissions Using Form 3508S  (posted 1/19/21)
SBA: Procedural Notice on Excess Loan Amount Errors  (posted 1/19/21)
SBA: Relaunch Dates for Small Banks and All Lenders (posted 1/14/21)
SBA: Relaunch of PPP Week of January 11 (posted 1/8/21)
SBA: PPP Restart Interim Final Rule Reflecting Recent Changes by Congress (posted 1/7/21)
SBA: PPP Restart Interim Final Rule on Second Draw Loans (posted 1/7/21)
SBA: PPP Restart Guidance on Loan Access (posted 1/7/21)
IRS: Ruling on PPP Forgiveness Applications & Disallowing Deductions (posted 11/20/20)
SBA: Forgiveness Application for Loans $50K & Under (posted 10/9/20)
IRS: Guidance on Furnishing Borrowers with Forgiveness Amount Information (posted 9/25/20)
SBA Interim Final Rule on Owner-Employee Comp & Non-Payroll Expenses (posted 8/26/20)
SBA Interim Final Rule on Borrower Loan Review Appeals Process (posted 8/14/20)
SBA Updated FAQs on EIDL & PPP Forgiveness and More  (posted 8/14/20)
SBA Procedural Notice: PPP Forgiveness Applications Accepted Beginning August 10
NYBA Urges Streamlined PPP Loan Forgiveness Process (posted 7/10/20)
SBA: Streamlined PPP Loan Forgiveness Form 3508EZ (posted 6/17/20)
               Instructions for Filing Form 3508EZ  (posted 6/17/20)
SBA: REVISED Form 3508 (posted 6/17/20)
               Instructions for Filing Form 3508  (posted 6/17/20)
Interim Final Rule: REVISIONS to IFRs 3 and 6  (posted 6/17/20)
Interim Final Rule: PPP Eligibility for Borrowers with Felony Convictions (posted 6/13/20)
               REVISED: Borrower Application  (posted 6/13/20)              
               REVISED: Lender Application  (posted 6/13/20)
Interim Final Rule: PPP Flexibility Act Mandated Changes (6/11/20)
               REVISED Borrower Application Form  (6/11/20)
               REVISED Lender Application Form  (6/11/20)
Statement by Treasury/SBA on new PPP Flexibility (posted 6/8/20)
Interim Final Rule: PPP Loan Review Procedures Guidance (posted 5/23/20)
Interim Final Rule: Additional Borrower and Lender Guidance (posted 5/23/20)

Form 1502 Guidance & Form Regarding PPP Processing Fees (posted 5/21/20)
PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Form ***(posted 5/16/20)
Treasury: Updated FAQs *** FAQ 46 - Borrower Certification*** (posted 5/13/20)
SBA: Updated Totals PPP-2 as of May 8 (posted 5/13/20)
FDIC: Guidance on Reopening of PPP(posted 4/25/20)
FDIC: Technical Corrections to CECL Methodology for Allowances(posted 4/22/20)
Federal Reserve: Interim Final Rule on PPP Loans to Bank Directors, Shareholders (posted 4/20/20)
SBA: State Totals and Other Statistics on PPP (as of 4/16/20)(posted 4/17/20)
SBA: State Totals and Other Statistics on PPP (as of 4/16/20) (posted 4/17/20)
Treasury FAQs on Paycheck Protection Program   (updated 5/6/20)
SBA: Interim Final Rule on 10-Day Window and Processing Fee Paperwork (posted 4/29/20)
OCC: UPDATE - Documentation of SBA PPP Loans (posted 4/29/20)
OCC: Bulletin on Documentation of Implementation of PPP Lending (posted 4/26/20)
SBA: XML File Submission for PPP  (posted 4/26/20)
SBA Guidance on Maximum Loan Calculation for PPP Loans (posted 4/25/20)
SBA Guidance on PPP Loans for Self-Employed & Independent Contractors (posted 4/14/20)
SBA Form 2484 - Application Application/Loan Guaranty (posted 4/11/20)
Federal Reserve: Interim Final Rule on PPP (posted 4/10/20)

Treasury: PPP Promissory Note Form(posted 4/8/20)
Treasury Update: PPP FAQs - Promissory Note, Funding Deadline(posted 4/8/20)
SBA Interim Final Rule on Paycheck Protection Program(posted 4/2/20)SBA: New Lender Form to Participate in PPP(posted 4/3/20)
SBA: Loan Application (Final)(posted 4/3/20)
SBA:Lender Guaranty Application (Final)(posted 4/3/20)
FDIC: Letter on Regulatory Capital Rule to Accommodate PPP(posted 4/10/20)

CFPB: Interpretive Rule to Ensure Access to Mortgage Credit & Facilitate Closings (posted 4/30/20)
FHFA: "No Lump Sum" Payments (posted 4/28/20)
FDIC: Guidance on Reopening of PPP (posted 4/25/20)
FDIC: Technical Corrections to CECL Methodology for Allowances (posted 4/22/20)
Federal Reserve: Interim Final Rule on PPP Loans to Bank Directors, Shareholders (posted 4/20/20)
SBA: State Totals and Other Statistics on PPP (as of 4/16/20) (posted 4/17/20)
FDIC & Agencies: Interim Final Rule - Deferring Appraisals for 120 Days (posted 4/15/20)
UPDATE: Treasury FAQs on Paycheck Protection Program  (updated 4/24/20)
   SBA: Interim Final Rule on 10-Day Window and Processing Fee Paperwork (posted 4/29/20)
         OCC: UPDATE - Documentation of SBA PPP Loans (posted 4/29/20)
         OCC: Bulletin on Documentation of Implementation of PPP Lending (posted 4/26/20)
         SBA: XML File Submission for PPP  (posted 4/26/20)
         SBA Guidance on Maximum Loan Calculation for PPP Loans  (posted 4/25/20)
         SBA Guidance on PPP Loans for Self-Employed & Independent Contractors (posted 4/14/20)
         SBA Form 2484 - Application Application/Loan Guaranty (posted 4/11/20)
CFPB: Remittance Rule Relief (posted 4/13/20)
Federal Reserve: Interim Final Rule on PPP (posted 4/10/20)
Federal Reserve Launches $2.3 trillion Effort to Boost Lending (posted 4/9/20)
Interagency Letter on Call Reports (posted 4/10/20)
Federal Reserve: New Lending Program Announced (posted 4/9/20)
Treasury: PPP Promissory Note Form (posted 4/8/20)
Treasury Update: PPP FAQs - Promissory Note, Funding Deadline (posted 4/8/20)
Interagency Statement on Loan Modifications (REVISED) (posted 4/7/20)
Interagency Statement on Troubled Debt Restructurings (REVISED)
(posted 4/7/20)
UPDATE: Treasury FAQs on Paycheck Protection Program (posted 4/11/20)
SBA Interim Final Rule on Paycheck Protection Program (posted 4/2/20)
                 SBA: New Lender Form to Participate in PPP (posted 4/3/20)
                 SBA: Loan Application (Final) (posted 4/3/20)
                 Lender Guaranty Application (Final) (posted 4/3/20)

OCC: Revisions to Call Reports and FFIEC 101 (posted 4/11/20)
OCC: Small Business Administration Lending Programs (posted 4/2/20)
SBA: Paycheck Protection Program Webpage (posted 4/2/20)
CFPB: Credit Reporting Guidelines for COVID-19 Pandemic (posted 4/2/20)
ABA: Detailed Summary of CARES Act (posted 4/1/20)

SBA: Additional Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program (posted 4/3/20)
SBA/Treasury Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program (posted 3/31/20)   
Application Form  (posted 4/3/20)
SBA: Instructions for Applying for Economic Injury Disaster Loan Assistance (posted 3/29/20)
SBA: Frequently Asked Questions about Economic Injury Disaster Loans (posted 3/29/20)
ABA: Summary of CARES Act (posted 3/27/20)
Homeland Security: Extension of Oct 1 REAL ID deadline (posted 3/27/20)
Federal Agencies Encourage Small Dollar Lending (posted 3/26/20)
Department of Labor: Guidance on Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA (posted 3/24/20)
FHFA: New Steps to Boost Liquidity in Mortgage Market (posted 3/23/20)
Federal Reserve Announces Extensive New Measures (posted 3/23/20)
Agencies' Statement on Treatment of Banks Working with Customers/Loan Modifications (posted 3/22/20)
Treasury/IRS: Tax Filing & Payment Date Delayed Until July 15 (posted 3/21/20)
15 Ways to Slow the Spread (posted 3/20/2020)
FDIC: Letter on Regulatory Capital Rule to Accommodate PPP (posted 4/10/20)
FDIC: Letter on Call Reports & FFIEC 101 Report (posted 4/10/20)
FDIC/Joint Agencies: Financial Institutions Letter about Call Reports (posted 4/10/20)
FDIC: Modifications to Community Bank Leverage Ratio Framework (posted 4/6/20)
FDIC: Transition for the Community Bank Leverage Ratio Framework Interim Final Rule (posted 4/6/20)
FDIC: Statement on Part 363 Annual Reports in Response to Coronavirus (posted 3/28/20)
FDIC: Updated Steps to Protect Banks & Consumers to Maintain Operations (posted 3/27/20)
FDIC: 30 Day Grace Period for Call Reports (posted 3/26/20)
FDIC: Temporary Alternative Procedures for Sending Supervision-related Communications (posted 3/26/20)
FDIC/CISA: Guidance on Financial Sector Essential Workers (posted 3/26/20)
FDIC: Financial Institutions Letter Regarding CRA and COVID-19 (posted 3/19/20)
FDIC: Chair Jelena McWilliams Urges FASB to Delay CECL (posted 3/20/20)
IRS: Relief from Tax Deadlines (posted 3/18/20)
HUD: Foreclosure & Eviction Moratorium for FHA-Insured Mortgages (posted 3/18/20)
FHFA:Suspension of Foreclosures/Evictions for Enterprise-backed Mortgages (posted 3/18/20)
U.S. and Canada Preparing to Close Border to Non-Essential Travel (posted 3/18/20)
Centers for Disease Control Daily Updated Comprehensive Resource
Centers for Disease Control Interim Guidance for Business and Employers
Centers for Disease Control Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist
Centers for Disease Control Travel Information
Federal Reserve Financial Services Information
       Fed Eases Supplementary Leverage Ratio for Large Banks (posted  4/2/20)
       Fed Launches New Money Market Liquidity Facility (posted 3/19/20)
       New Commercial Paper Funding Facility (posted 3/17/2020)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
        OCC and Agencies: Revised Transition of CECL Methodology (posted 3/31/20)
        FAQs for Customers of National Banks & Federal Savings Associations (posted 3/25/20)
        Use of Electronic Submission of Licensing Filings (posted 3/20/2020)
         Additional Flexibility for Banks to Support Households and Businesses (Posted 3/17/20)
Statement on the Use of Capital and Liquidity Buffers (Posted 3/17/20)             
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
         Bank Exams to be Conducted Off-Site (Posted 3/17/20)
FinCen: Communicating Concerns about Reporting Delays (Posted 3/17/20)   
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
EEOC Guidelines on ADA Compliance During Coronavirus
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Infrastructure & Security Agency (CISA): COVID-19 Cyber Scams
Lawmakers Urge FASB to Delay CECL (posted 3/20/2020)

Centers for Disease Control
 Easing of Mask and Other Restrictions for Fully-Vaccinated People (posted 5/14/21) 
 Workplace Reopening Decision Tree (posted 5/15/20)

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
       Coronavirus Resource Page (posted 3/24/2020)

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
       Coronavirus Resource Page (posted 3/27/20)

New York City

        Health & Mental Hygiene Dept. FAQs on Workplace Vaccination Requirement (posted 12/15/2021)
        Executive Order No. 119: Exempting Essential Workers from Curfew (posted 6/2/2020)
        NYC Small Business Services: Coronavirus-related Relief (posted 3/20/2020)

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