Coronavirus-Related Resources

The New York Bankers Association, like the general public, is concerned about the growing spread of the coronavirus and the impact it will have around the country and here in New York. NYBA is committed to sharing vital information and updates with the banking community and has created this resource page for the coronavirus with various links that will be updated continually.

State of New York

****NYBA Chart: All Coronavirus-related Banking Activity in NYS **** (posted 4/3/20)
Governor Cuomo to Extend NYS on PAUSE Until April 15 (posted 3/29/20)
DFS Emergency Regulation 
(posted 3/24/20)
DFS Industry Letter Regarding Paycheck Protection Program (posted 4/5/20)
DFS Urges State Regulated Entities to Fund CDFIs (posted 4/5/20)
NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance Coronavirus Website (posted 3/23/20)
         NYS Tax Filing and Payment Date Officially Moved to July 15 (posted 3/30/20)    
        Guidance on Penalty Abatement and Other Matters (posted 3/23/20)
EO 202.9: Forbearance Guidance for Mortgage/Fee Relief (posted 3/21/20)
               DFS Emergency Regulation (posted 3/24/20)

Latest Guidance on Essential Services (posted 3/21/20)
Reducing Non-Essential Workforces by 100%--Banks Remain Essential (posted 3/21/2020)
90-Day Moratorium on Evictions of Individuals/Businesses  (posted 3/21/2020)
New Restrictions on Vulnerable Citizens (posted 3/20/2020)
Questions & Answers about the Essential Services Order (posted 3/23/20)
Empire State Development Corp. List of Essential Services (posted 3/20/20)
Notary Services by Video (posted 3/20/20)

DFS Consumer Letter Clarifying the Waiving of Certain Fees (posted 3/19/20)
Guidance Clarifying Governor Cuomo's Statement on Mortgage Relief (posted 3/19/20)
NYS Department of Financial Services
NYS Department of Health (Governor Cuomo's Updates)
     County-By-County COVID-19 Tracker - Updated Daily
     Executive Order - 50% Work from Home (Exempts Banks) (posted 3/19/20)
     Governor Cuomo Signs Paid Sick Leave Bill (posted 3/19/20)
     50% Work-From-Home Order Exempts Banks & Financial Services (Posted 3/18/2020)
     Governor Says NYC Shelter in Place Not Being Considered (Posted 3/17/20)
      Collection of Student and Medical Debt Owed to NYS Suspended (Posted 3/17/20)
NYS Office of Court Administration: Eviction Moratorium (Updated 3/17/20)

Federal Government

SBA Interim Final Rule on Paycheck Protection Program (posted 4/2/20)
                 SBA: New Lender Form to Participate in PPP (posted 4/3/20)
                 SBA: Loan Application (Final) (posted 4/3/20)
                 Lender Guaranty Application (Final) (posted 4/3/20)
OCC: Small Business Administration Lending Programs (posted 4/2/20)
SBA: Paycheck Protection Program Webpage (posted 4/2/20)
CFPB: Credit Reporting Guidelines for COVID-19 Pandemic (posted 4/2/20)
ABA: Detailed Summary of CARES Act (posted 4/1/20)

SBA: Additional Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program (posted 4/3/20)
SBA/Treasury Guidance on Paycheck Protection Program (posted 3/31/20)   
Application Form  (posted 4/3/20)
SBA: Instructions for Applying for Economic Injury Disaster Loan Assistance (posted 3/29/20)
SBA: Frequently Asked Questions about Economic Injury Disaster Loans (posted 3/29/20)
ABA: Summary of CARES Act (posted 3/27/20)
Homeland Security: Extension of Oct 1 REAL ID deadline (posted 3/27/20) awaiting guidance
Federal Agencies Encourage Small Dollar Lending (posted 3/26/20)
Department of Labor: Guidance on Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA (posted 3/24/20)
FHFA: New Steps to Boost Liquidity in Mortgage Market (posted 3/23/20)
Federal Reserve Announces Extensive New Measures (posted 3/23/20)
Agencies' Statement on Treatment of Banks Working with Customers/Loan Modifications (posted 3/22/20)
Treasury/IRS: Tax Filing & Payment Date Delayed Until July 15 (posted 3/21/20)
15 Ways to Slow the Spread (posted 3/20/2020)
FDIC: Modifications to Community Bank Leverage Ratio Framework (posted 4/6/20)
FDIC: Transition for the Community Bank Leverage Ratio Framework Interim Final Rule (posted 4/6/20)
FDIC: Statement on Part 363 Annual Reports in Response to Coronavirus (posted 3/28/20)
FDIC: Updated Steps to Protect Banks & Consumers to Maintain Operations (posted 3/27/20)
FDIC: 30 Day Grace Period for Call Reports (posted 3/26/20)
FDIC: Temporary Alternative Procedures for Sending Supervision-related Communications (posted 3/26/20)
FDIC/CISA: Guidance on Financial Sector Essential Workers (posted 3/26/20)
FDIC: Financial Institutions Letter Regarding CRA and COVID-19 (posted 3/19/20)
FDIC: Chair Jelena McWilliams Urges FASB to Delay CECL (posted 3/20/20)
IRS: Relief from Tax Deadlines (posted 3/18/20)
HUD: Foreclosure & Eviction Moratorium for FHA-Insured Mortgages (posted 3/18/20)
FHFA:Suspension of Foreclosures/Evictions for Enterprise-backed Mortgages (posted 3/18/20)
U.S. and Canada Preparing to Close Border to Non-Essential Travel (posted 3/18/20)
Centers for Disease Control Daily Updated Comprehensive Resource
Centers for Disease Control Interim Guidance for Business and Employers
Centers for Disease Control Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist
Centers for Disease Control Travel Information
Federal Reserve Financial Services Information
       Fed Eases Supplementary Leverage Ratio for Large Banks (posted  4/2/20)
       Fed Launches New Money Market Liquidity Facility (posted 3/19/20)
       New Commercial Paper Funding Facility (posted 3/17/2020)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
        OCC and Agencies: Revised Transition of CECL Methodology (posted 3/31/20)
        FAQs for Customers of National Banks & Federal Savings Associations (posted 3/25/20)
        Use of Electronic Submission of Licensing Filings (posted 3/20/2020)
         Additional Flexibility for Banks to Support Households and Businesses (Posted 3/17/20)
Statement on the Use of Capital and Liquidity Buffers (Posted 3/17/20)             
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
         Bank Exams to be Conducted Off-Site (Posted 3/17/20)
FinCen: Communicating Concerns about Reporting Delays (Posted 3/17/20)   
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
EEOC Guidelines on ADA Compliance During Coronavirus
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Infrastructure & Security Agency (CISA): COVID-19 Cyber Scams
Lawmakers Urge FASB to Delay CECL (posted 3/20/2020)

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
       Coronavirus Resource Page (posted 3/24/2020)

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
       Coronavirus Resource Page (posted 3/27/20)

New York City

NYC Small Business Services: Coronavirus-related Relief (posted 3/20/2020)

Global Resources

World Health Organization: Mythbusters

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