POM Recoveries, Inc.

Service Member

James V. Argutto
85 East Hoffman Avenue
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Tel:  (631) 761-1028
Fax:  (631) 761-1030
E-Mail:  jima@pomr.com
Website: www.pomr.com

POM Recoveries is a full-service receivables management company that offers a scope of services broad enough to meet the needs of any creditor, from banks and retail organizations to health care providers, commercial creditors, and even the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York for the management, billing and collection of receivables.  It utilizes cutting edge Information Technology and Systems, which provides for automated electronic communication with its clients as well as the credit industry.  Services provided include inbound/outbound telephone campaigns; billing services, letter/dunning services; skip tracing services and litigation services.   POM Recoveries also specializes in open source implementation to meet any creditor’s needs as programs are customized to each of its client’s requirements.
POM Recoveries was formed in 1983 and has continued to provide its services to its clients over the past 23 years.  It is professionally staffed with experienced billing and recovery teams, system analysts, programmers, attorneys and support personnel.  All In-House.  All Full-Time.  All working as a team to convert its client accounts receivable into cash assets in the shortest time possible.