Service Member
NYBSCO Endorsed Member

15R Hartford Avenue, Suite 2EF
P.O. Box 228
Granby, CT  06035
(860) 413-3600
Toll Free: (800) 230-9272
Fax: (860) 413-3603
Contact: Matthew Henebry, Managing Director,
James M. McKeone, Executive Director,
Mike Tuttle, Senior Partner

The firm provides BOLI advisory services to banks around the country, but largely situated in New York State. Services are targeted to assist banks in better managing existing blocks of BOLI from a credit and return standpoint, while having access to all markets for new products. Our personal relationships in this market have spanned years, and we have worked diligently on behalf of our clients, especially throughout the economic uncertainty of the 2008-2009 financial markets.