FTN Financial

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845 Crossover Lane, Suite 150
Memphis, TN 38117
(800) 456.5460
Tel:   901.435.7956
Fax:  901.537.8163 fax
Email:  sally.pace@ftnfinancial.com
Website:  www.ftnfinancial.com
Contact:  Sally Pace, Senior Vice President

FTN Financial is an industry leader in fixed income sales, trading and strategies for institutional customers in the U.S. and abroad. FTN Financial also provides investment services and balance sheet management solutions. With an average daily trading volume of $5+ billion, FTN has transacted business over the past 24 months with approximately 1/3 of all domestic depository institutions, and approximately 1/2 of banks with investment portfolios over $100 million. 

FTN Financial is also a leading underwriter of callable agency debt and a top performer in the overall agency market with maturities of 18 months and longer.  FTN Financial has 21 offices worldwide.