Financial Literacy Powered by EverFi

Building Financially Capable Communities

Drive measurable change in the financial capability of the communities you serve by delivering private-labeled online and and in-person financial education to students, citizens, employees and entrepreneurs.

The New York Bankers Association is pleased to partner with EVERFI, the leading provider of financial education to financial institutions throughout the United States.

From grade school through retirement, EVERFI's financial education offerings empower learners to make safe, smart and informed financial decisions. The EVERFI interactive financial literacy class curriculum, scalable platform and in-person resources have been designed not just to drive financial literacy, but financial capability. By connecting key economic concepts to real-world scenarios, EVERFI is growing a network of more than 16 million informed consumers and bringing measurable results to their partners' education initiatives.

Click here to see how EVERFI is helping banks across the country and in our state to achieve their goals and make a measurable impact on their communities.

A New Kind of Knowledge Gain

Consumer Education
Built to empower consumers and employees to better manage their finances, EVERFI's consumer financial education provides users with important tools and resources while acting as content marketing for partner products and services.

K-12 Educators
Thanks to our powerful partnerships, EVERFI offers financial education to participating K-12 schools - allowing sponsors the ability to reach learners with impactful content and empowering students to take charge of their financial futures.

Small Business & Entrepreneurship
EVERFI small business and entrepreneurship financial education is offered in-person and online to help new businesses get off the ground and help entrepreneurs build the financial know-how they need to be successful.

In-Person Education
EVERFI offers in-person financial education options to give learners the personal attention they need, while making it easier for implementers to demonstrate knowledge gain, streamline reporting and improve compliance.

Support Your Community

To learn how to bring EVERFI's financial literacy resources to the communities you serve, contact Karen Armstrong at 212-296-1635 | to set up an appointment.