The New York Bankers Service Corp. (NYBSCO) has endorsed Wolf & Company (Wolf), a trusted advisor to Financial Institutions in New York and throughout the Northeast. Wolf offers audit, tax, internal audit, IT assurance, regulatory compliance, and WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management to over 50 institutions in that geographic footprint.

Client choose Wolf & Company because:

Wolf has extensive knowledge in the regulatory and compliance environment – Wolf has been working in the Banking industry for over 100 years. It’s a large part of the Firm’s client base  and continues to be an area they invest in.

Wolf recognizes the Institution’s unique situation – Wolf adapts their work programs to the situations of their clients. It’s this collaborative process that their clients appreciate, and the responsiveness that they have come to rely on Wolf to provide.

Wolf considers what the Institution is looking to accomplish in the future, not just at past performance – Given Wolf’s history in the Banking industry, they have seen clients in all asset ranges and complexities. It’s not just about the past performance, but preparing clients for taking on the challenges they will face as they progress to their next level of performance.

Wolf continues to show commitment to New York Financial Institutions

  • Membership in NYBA, IBANYS, and FMS organizations
  • Active for 15 years in the state of New York
  • Currently performing services for over 40 NY institutions
  • Frequent speaker at NYBA, IBANYS, FMS, LIBCA, and other New York-based industry organizations

Wolf holds personnel to high training standards – Wolf’s Financial Institution teams are dedicated to working on clients that look and feel a lot like you. With a mandatory CPE requirement of at least 40 hours of training , they hold the professional and industry certifications to allow them to advise hundreds of institutions through the milestones of Financial Institution development.

Reach out to any of the individuals below to discuss your specific situation:

 Scott Baranowski, CIA  Michael Cohn, CPA, CISA, CGEIT  John Doherty, CPA, CGMA  Charlie Frago, CPA   Jerry Gagne, CPA, CISA  Stephen King, JD, AMLP 
 Internal Audit  WolfPAC Integrated Risk Management Audit & Assurance   Tax  IT Assurance  Regulatory Compliance      

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