Trust Exchange , formerly G2Link, is a Trust and Reputation monitoring platform where companies can actively monitor the performance of their key business relationships. This is accomplished by allowing business peers to rate each other’s performance based on their role (Reputation) as well as enabling businesses to invite their advisors to validate key milestones (Trust).

Trust Exchange For Financial Institutions

Recent regulatory changes are requiring that banks monitor all of their third party relationships for the life of the contract. Banks must monitor service providers’ operational performance, required licenses, certifications and financial stability for the entire term of the engagement. Currently, banks bear the entire cost of researching and tracking this data for each of their suppliers.

With TrustExchange, banks can monitor all of their vendors, create custom risk ratings for each vendor as well as custom operational certifications and have these events pushed to the banks proactively. This gives the bank increased visibility into the operational performance and risk among all of their vendors as well as reducing the cost of creating and maintaining such a program by requiring the service providers to submit the data directly.

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Trust Exchange can enable financial institutions to build a compliance ready, custom vendor monitoring program in less than 90 days.

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