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New York Bankers Association Endorses Promontory Fulfillment Services’ 
Fulfillment and Digital Point-of-Sale Solutions

PFS enables banks to offer a full range of mortgage products—conventional, jumbo, non-agency and HELOCs—without the need to build and maintain a mortgage operation. PFS underwrites loans using client-provided overlays then processes and closes the loan in the bank’s name. The PFS process and post-closing highlights ongoing compliance reviews. PFS then delivers the loans to the client or sub-servicer. PFS also offers clients a digital point-of-sale solution — Borrower Wallet™ — that allows consumers to apply, upload documents and e-sign digitally. The process empowers customers to manage their mortgage experience, with optional assistance from a loan officer  — empowering community lenders to deliver a customer experience comparable to mega lenders. 

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With the largest bank network of its kind, a Network comprised of thousands of financial institutions nationwide, Promontory Interfinancial Network offers unique services that bring banks and other institutions together in a way that enables each to benefit from The Power of ManySM. Promontory Network members use its services—Insured Cash Sweep®, or ICS®; CDARS®; Promnet RepoSM; IND®; Yankee Sweep®; and Bank Assetpoint®—to manage their balance sheets more profitably. Promontory Interfinancial Network can help your bank:

Promontory Network’s ICS®, and CDARS® services can help your bank to attract large-dollar customers and provide cheaper funding to support other initiatives. Offer your customers the unique combination of return and access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance.


By offering ICS and CDARS, your bank can:

  • Offer a differentiated service—access to higher levels of FDIC insurance than any bank, even the nation’s largest, can offer on its own.
  • Add local relationship-based funding that increases franchise value.
  • Attract deposits in larger increments.
  • Replace more expensive funding, like routinely collateralized deposits and those from listing services.
  • Improve profitability and asset liquidity by repurposing funds invested in collateral into higher-earning assets.
  • Spread customer acquisition and retention costs over larger average per-customer holdings.
  • Keep underlying funds on balance sheet or, if your bank’s liquidity position changes, sell the excess for fee income (either way, the customer relationship remains with your bank).
  • Set the interest rates offered to ICS and CDARS customers as your institution sees fit.

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