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AI Oasis, Inc.

AI Oasis, Inc. is the leading provider of Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”), Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Anti-Terrorist Financing (“ATF”) software to financial institutions worldwide. Thousands of compliance professionals are using AI Oasis, Inc.’s renowned product, the PATRIOT Officer to automate their BSA, AML and ATF processes.  With the largest market share, the PATRIOT Officer is highly recommended by bankers across the nation as the # 1 BSA/AML/ATF solution.

The PATRIOT Officer is endorsed by more than 60% of core banking system vendors. It is fully compliant with the new BSA/AML examination manual published in June 2005. Being used by financial institutions with a wide range of asset sizes, the PATRIOT Officer is the most advanced, comprehensive and fully integrated software which empowers financial institutions to efficiently comply with the BSA, OFAC, and USA PATRIOT Act requirements with peace of mind.  For more information, please contact AI Oasis, Inc. at or 888-227-7967.

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