AI Oasis, Inc.

AI Oasis, Inc.’s newest product endorsed by NYBSCO is the GUARDIAN OFFICER® . The GUARDIAN OFFICER® is the most advanced and robust suite of fraud prevention solutions, empowering financial institutions to effectively combat financial crimes in real time with the highest degree of effectiveness and efficiency. The GUARDIAN OFFICER®employs the most advanced technology – Dynamic Multidimensional Risk-Weighted Suspicious Activities DetectorTM ( US patent pending) – to thoroughly monitor all transactions and quickly detect fraudulent activities with the utmost accuracy. The operational and transactional data of a financial institution is sliced and diced into hundreds of risk dimensions and each customer, member, employee, vendor or supplier is closely monitored and analyzed in real-time. Since each entity may be different from another, to eliminate false detections, GUARDIAN OFFICER®actively applies a unique dynamically-adjusted risk model to each entity according to its “then-current” behavior pattern and characteristics. As a result, millions of different risk models are dynamically utilized to monitor millions of entities based on each entity’s unique nature. When an account is flagged, GUARDIAN OFFICER® will generate a real-time alert to immediately block the transaction so that the financial institution can take immediate action to prevent potential losses and damages.

To provide the most fully integrated risk management solutions with the maximum efficiency, GUARDIAN OFFICER® is capable of sharing the same server and database with the PATRIOT OFFICER® (and successfully interfaced with more than 30 different core data processing systems). The GUARDIAN OFFICER® and the PATRIOT OFFICER® exclusively interface with the United Crimes Elimination Network ( ) to offer the most powerful and fully integrated risk management solutions in the world, empowering your financial institution to grow by leaps and bounds with peace of mind.

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