ENV Insurance Agency

As an employer your biggest investment is your employees. High performing companies understand that an attractive employee benefits package attracts and retains skilled workers. High performing companies repurpose money they are already spending to get better outcomes for their employees and their business. 

With over 30 years of experience, our team will protect your investment. We offer a variety of solutions to maximize benefits plans, while also focusing on compliance and controlling your costs. We educate your workforce on the advantages of their benefits program to help deliver the most valuable insights on healthcare utilization. 

How does your bank compare to other high performing organizations? ENV provides NYBA members with a customized Blueprint that formulates a strategic plan specific to your bank. Your Blueprint will include Benefit Planning, Benefit Benchmarking, Contribution Strategies, Competitive Bidding & Vendor Management, Renewal Analysis, Funding Analysis, and Implementation Management. 

Find out how your bank compares to other high performing companies by contacting Stacey Hotaling at (315) 641-5848 or via email at shotaling@insurewithenv.com.
Want more information? Contact our Profit Solutions Division at 1-800-522-5607 or gkananis@nyba.com.

Download this FREE resource now: "How To Mitigate Health Care Costs."

Want more information?  Contact our Profit Solutions Division at 1-800-522-5607 or gkananis@nyba.com