Director Access – Secure Board Portal

In an ever-changing economic environment, being connected is paramount. Finding a solution to effectively communicate real-time information is vital. An increasing number of banks are utilizing Internet-based portals to enhance and facilitate board communications and document sharing.  

Director Access is just the solution you need: a secure, Internet portal that provides a convenient, online platform for board members and key executives.

With over 300 clients and 9,500 users nationwide, it continues to grow at a rapid pace. Director Access connects you and your board to agendas, minutes, loan requests, calendars, policies, procedures and other board/meeting-related materials. It can also track and archive user information; and provide an audit trail for accountability and documentation in accordance with regulatory compliance requirements.

Director Access Provides:

  • Access to timely and confidential documents anytime, anywhere – with any simple internet connection, the web interface can be accessed
  • Scalability from the Corporate Board to Committee and Departmental Meetings
  • Cost Savings, reduced production time & effort, eliminating paper and shipping costs
  • iPad app featuring: Offline Mode, Only One Month of Materials Reside on the iPad, It’s FREE!, Same ID and Password, Meeting Room, Calendar, Archives, Approvals, Directory, Committee Filter.  Windows and Android app in future development.
  • Archive packages forever
  • E-mail notifications and alerts
  • Comment on and track the access and routing of information
  • Secure internal messaging system
  • Updateable calendar with listings of upcoming meetings and events
  • Quarterly updates and enhancements, incorporating and adapting to user feedback
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Director Access has received high acclaim for its ease of use. Even those less computer-savvy users find it easy to navigate. Others appreciate the opportunity to ‘go green’ – in essence a paperless board packet. Director Access eliminates the need to email encrypted files, providing an easily manageable, centralized document location where meeting participants can access materials at their convenience. Finally, the top notch customer service that comes with Director Access is another reason it is quickly becoming the best board portal on the market today!

There is little doubt that having a board portal can be a huge benefit for a company. A technologically advanced, eco-friendly, Internet-based board portal will makes life easier for Board members and corporate secretaries by offering a secure, online location for the collaboration and communication of critical information; essential tools to help boards of directors communicate more efficiently.  

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