Defined Benefit Retirement Plan

The need for high quality consulting services for defined benefit (DB) pension plans has never been greater. The current business climate is placing enormous pressures on plan sponsors. With all of the current uncertainty and volatility, the System offers an ideal choice. Some factors to consider:

  • Reasonable actuarial and administration fees
  • All plan services bundled and competitively priced – All inclusive fees for actuarial, administration, investment, trust, and custodian services average less than 1% of plan assets.
  • Favorable investment results – investment results for the System for the plan year ending 9/30/21 were up 12.59%.
  • The System’s average annual investment returns over the past 40 years exceeds 13.5%.
  • Flexible volume submitter plan document – plan documents must be restated to comply with IRS regulations. The System volume submitter plan document can easily be tailored to accommodate your plan provisions and meet your needs.
  • Quality unbiased service – provided by Milliman, Inc. (actuary and administration) State Street (custodian); JPMorgan Fleming Asset Management; and, NYBA’s Insurance & Member Services Division.
  • System benefits – Banker Trustee oversight since 1937. The system currently has 10 participating Members with more than $234 million in assets under management. 

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