Credit Life and Disability Insurance

The NYBA Group Creditors Insurance Trust allows NYBA Members to provide their loan customers with Credit Life & Disability protection at an affordable cost, offering financial peace of mind. Best of all, participating in the NYBA Group Creditors Insurance Trust is an excellent way for participating NYBA Members to generate fee income – the Association’s unique structure makes additional dividend income possible. In fact, the NYBA Group Creditors Insurance Trust has distributed more than $11 Million in dividends over the past 10 years.

Support is provided to reduce participating NYBA Members’ administrative burdens and improve customer satisfaction.

Expertise to provide comprehensive:

Marketing: A wealth of multi-level marketing support aligned with your company’s objectives and consumer’s satisfaction
Client Services: Superb claims services, compliance and legal support in addition to accurate premium processing
Training and Account Development: Effective training tailored to your business available through the Internet and in person; and
Administrative Support: First-rate administrative tools through a site customized to your product line with user-friendly portals for immediate access.
By participating in the NYBA Group Creditors Insurance Trust, your bank receives the benefit of a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience who are ready to deliver optimal solutions by valuing your organization’s vision as well as your customers’ needs, preferences and buying behavior.

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