CBCInnovis – Flood Zone Determination Program

Flood Zone Determination Services

CBCInnovis provides speedy and accurate Flood Zone Determinations with Life-of-Loan tracking to help bankers with NFIP compliance requirements.  CBCInnovis offers instant data retrieval via interfaces within most loan origination software, online, or through email notification, and has created cutting edge advancements in flood technology to achieve unparalleled accuracy and quick turn times.  Combining superior service and over half a century of expertise, CBCInnovis is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive flood compliance options available.

As the New York Bankers Service Corporation endorsed flood provider, the program features competitive pricing, with no minimum volumes required. There is no additional charge for HMDA/census tract information and access for requests couldn’t be more convenient. Additionally, aerial Mapcopies are available for any property located in a flood zone to visually show the subject property in relationship to FEMA’s Special Flood Hazard Areas.

Protection for Your Portfolio
Federal regulation requires lenders to determine and document whether improved real property securing a loan is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Flood Zone Determination Services, LLC can help you remain compliant today and throughout the life of the loan, even as flood zones change.

Accuracy and Convenience Matter
FZDS is a recognized leader in the flood zone determination field. Our flood zone determination services provide a single source to verify the need for insurance on residential and commercial properties nationwide. Comprehensive analysis of FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Flood Hazard Boundary Maps ensures accurate and reliable information. Compliant with National Flood Insurance Program regulations, the FZDS mapping experts are knowledgeable, well-trained, and professional.

Customized to Meet Your Needs
FZDS has created a simple, accurate, and painless process for fulfilling your flood zone determination compliance needs. Our service offers:
 • Cutting-edge technology
 • Multiple ordering platforms
 • Email delivery options
 • Aerial map copy
 • Notice to borrowers

For more information on flood zone determination services, contact your FZDS Account Manager.
• HMDA Census Tract available
• Batch load options
• Portfolio services
• Flexible reporting and billing
• Multiple life-of-loan delivery options

A complete dedication to their customers helps CBCInnovis offer a superior flood zone determination service to you at a very low cost.  Set up a test flood account with CBCInnovis today to experience the ease of flood compliance.  Please contact Teri Sizemore at (419) 660-8589 teri.sizemore@cbcinnovis.com to discuss your specific needs.

Want more information?  Contact our Profit Solutions Division at 1-800-522-5607 or gkananis@nyba.com