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National Investors Title Insurance Company

For the last 40 years, National Investors Title Insurance Company has successfully put more than 500 financial institutions in the business of selling title insurance through lender-owned agencies. Title insurance represents a very profitable fee income opportunity for banks, and NYBA members can capitalize on the benefits of the multiple bank-owned agency model:

  • Significant Fee Income – Agency ownership provides a significant revenue stream through a line of business that is a natural extension of real estate lending.
  • Service Improvement – Through lender training provided by the agency, loan officers learn ways to provide better coverage and products to their clients.
  • Economies of Scale – The multiple owner structure is designed to allow sharing of overhead which decreases the cost associated with policy processing and increases profitability.
  • Impressive ROI and Long-term Growth Potential – Owner banks enjoy a reasonable, often superior, return on investment for the risks involved.
  • Focus on Non-Owner Business – Multiple bank-owned agencies are staffed to serve the title insurance needs of their bank owners as well as sell product to other sources of business. Historically these agencies have received 30-65% of their business from sources other than their owners, which can dramatically impact the profitability of the agency and ultimately the return to its owner banks.
  • Management Expertise – Management of the multiple owned agencies is performed by Investors Title Management Services, Inc., which allows the banks to engage in title insurance activity without having to be responsible for the operational and administrative management of the agency.
Since the summer of 2000, two upstate multiple bank-owned agencies Land Record Services, LLC in Albany and New York Bankers Title Agency West, LLC in Rochester have thrived, generating more than $40.2 million in premiums. The 24 owner banks have received over $10.8 million in cash distributions since inception. Participation in these agencies is open to all New York State banks. Our goal is to assist New York financial institutions of all sizes in successfully becoming engaged in the distribution of title insurance.

For more information, contact Karen Barnett, Vice President of Multi State Marketing, Investors Title Insurance Company/National Investors Title Insurance Company, at 419-577-5900 /, or visit

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