Since  2007 The  New York Bankers Service Corporation (NYBSCO ) has  aligned  with Agility Recovery, a former division of GE and North America’s premier provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to small and midsized organizations. Agility provides robust, sensible and easy-to-implement recovery solutions for an affordable monthly membership fee, providing access to temporary power, office space, communications and computer systems. For more than 24 years, Agility has ensured that businesses are there for their clients and our 100% success rate at fulfilling this promise is why our clients and partners comprise over 15,000 organizations across North America.  Services provided by Agility Recovery include:

ReadySuite® – Turnkey business continuity solutions:

When disaster hits, Agility is on the scene, providing you with any, or all, of the critical elements needed to keep your business in business. ReadySuite® solutions include:
  • Power
  • Computer Systems
  • Office Space
  • Communications

myAgility is our exclusive online, password-protected planning tool. Members may store, view and update pertinent recovery-planning information, including:
  • Specific resources needs for recovery
  • Communication strategy
  • Alert Notification system
  • Vital supply chain contacts
  • Critical documents, such as policies, product warranties, and data back-up procedures


Agility believes there is nothing more important in creating and preserving a viable recovery plan. Agility’s systematic test experience will:
  • Ensure employees are comfortable with the recovery process
  • Validate documented steps
  • Identify all vital components and verify availability.
Tests can take place onsite at an Agility test center or at your location. Agility assigns a project manager to handle logistics, and a specialist to assist with any technical issues that arise.

Agility Recovery serves members across Canada and the United States with a 100% success rate.  Agility has performed thousands of recoveries. It is for this reason Agility is endorsed by over 100 trade organizations across North America. Agility also has partnered with the US Small Business Administration to bring a complete set of continuity tools and education to small businesses through a joint SBA and Agility website called For more information contact Joe Bracchitta  at  or 203-253-7838.

Want more information?  Contact our Profit Solutions Division at 1-800-522-5607 or