ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking


Application (coming soon)

Applications are now being accepted for Stonier 2018.

As the nation’s original graduate banking school, the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking has earned a reputation as the industry’s preeminent graduate school. Now celebrating 80 years of excellence in banking education, Stonier continues to lead the way. From its prestigious faculty and student body, to is stimulating curriculum and partnership with the Wharton School, Stonier delivers the highest standard of executive education. It is the only banking school that partners with an Ivy League university, and the only one affiliated with ABA.

Stonier is designed to develop leaders who are able to compete in the 21st century. The primary objectives of the school are to provide you with the knowledge and skills to effectively recognize and solve executive management problems and to implement solutions. With an industry undergoing such rapid change, highly developed leadership skills are required to meet the challenges and rapid changes occurring in the industry.

The program emphasizes strategic planning, financial management, and leadership and provides a wide range of elective courses to enable students to meet their developmental goals in a highly-personalized fashion.  In addition, through a Capstone Strategic Project, participants have a unique opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained at Stonier to a major initiative within their own organizations.

Stonier Helps Participants:

  • Think more strategically about the economy and how it will affect their organizations and their customers;
  • Benefit from the extensive experience of the Wharton School in developing practical leadership skills to effectively craft and execute strategic goals;
  • Focus more more attention on the challenges faced in trying to effectively and safely maximize profits while maintaining good asset quality;
  • Consider the impact of decisions on the bank as a whole.

Partnering With Wharton

The Wharton School is world-renowned for its academic strengths. As a partner with Stonier, this world-class institution delivers outstanding leadership courses that will help participants not just survive, but thrive, in a world of change and uncertainty. The courses are seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Stonier program and graduates will receive both a Stonier Diploma and a Wharton Leadership Certificate.


Stonier’s intense three-year program brings together the best and the brightest minds in the banking industry to be challenged by expert faculty and fellow students. Through a variety of team-building experiences students are able to brainstorm and share ideas. They develop strategies to be proactive in today’s competitive financial environment, improve their effectiveness and internal working relationships, and hone their skills in all areas of banking.

Attendees represent a cross-section of firms that span community, regional, money center, and international banks as well as regulators.  In addition, the school draws students from many different functional areas such as senior-level management, financial analysts, bank examiners, bank directors, and more.

Accelerated Program

Applicants who have completed an MBA or MS in finance or accounting may apply for accelerated status at Stonier. This will enable you to complete the program in two consecutive years versus three. In addition, if you have graduated from the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management, you can also apply for accelerated status.

Lasting Connections

A speical social networking site is used to post news and related information for each of the three school years, and enables you to easily contact other students to plan meetings and share ideas.  It offers the added benefit of being able to connect with Stonier graduates long afte your program has finished.  Alumni can describe how they are handling both strategic and tactical issues in their work environment, and as for comments and suggestions.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  Benjamin Franklin

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