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As the outsourcing of critical functions and services continues to increase, as technology becomes more complex and as vendor interdependencies continue to expand to 4th and 5th parties, additional emphasis needs to be placed on the importance of the contract to protect the institution as well as the vendor. However, we often find that there are many terms and conditions omitted from contracts that expose a financial institution to multiple dimensions of risk.

“The contract is the most important control in the outsourcing process.”

…FFIEC Guidance

Time Required: 2.5 hours

Cost: $479 per enrollment, a single registration allows for unlimited number of listeners

You Will Receive: Presentation; Course Workbook; Contract Checklist

Credit: CPE Eligible

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Attorneys, Procurement Staff, IT Officers, Examiners, Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, Auditors, and anyone involved in reviewing vendor contracts.

This course first reviews the regulatory recommendations from all FFIEC agencies concerning contractual terms and conditions and then continues on to detail the issues and exposures that can result when the contractual bases aren’t thoroughly covered. Terms and conditions that are often overlooked, yet expose the institution to risk and liability, and that should be included in contracts to better manage risk and protect the institution will be reviewed, including:

  • Financial Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Technology Risk
  • Business Resilience
  • Cyber Security

If you think that a Statement of Work is as good as a contract, then you must take this course!

If you think that your vendor will take responsibility for its vendor relationships on its own (your 4th or 5th parties), then you must take this course!

If you haven’t thought
about the data format, data integrity and fees for getting your data back from your vendor at end of contract term, then you must take this course!

If you haven’t thought about requiring your vendor to comply with current and future regulatory requirements, then you must take this course!

If you haven’t thought
about the other numerous contractual issues that exist, then you must take this course!

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