Succession Planning for Banks

ABA Resource Guide

As your bank’s key leaders get closer to retirement, continuity is vital to a smooth and strong transition. Ensure your bank has successors on hand ready and willing to fill new roles – from CEO, to manager, to the board – with ABA’s Succession Planning for Banks.

Designed specifically for financial institutions, this comprehensive guide from ABA offers practical steps and resources for developing and implementing a customized bank succession plan. Through scenarios and customizable materials, the guide helps human resources and senior management identify potential internal candidates to fill key leadership positions, as well as the development opportunities that will help them succeed. Use the entire guide, or work through the sections and scenarios that meet your bank’s specific needs.

  1. Introduction to the Succession Planning Process
    Overview of the planning process
    Challenges and strategies for getting started
  2. CEO and C-Suite Succession Planning
    Short-term planning
    Long-term planning
  3. Manager-level Succession Planning
    Create a business case
    Determine the focus and communication plan
    Select and assess the candidate pool
    Develop the candidates
  4. Board Succession Planning
    Evaluation of the board composition
    Governance process
  5. Documenting and Monitoring your Succession Plan
    Resources to help document and monitor

Customizable charts, printable resources and communication tools include:

  • A point-based questionnaire to assess organizational readiness for succession planning
  • A budget worksheet to help plan the cost of planning, recruiting, assessment and training
  • A tool to assess candidates based on past performance and future potential
  • A profile development guide with factors to consider around a candidate’s competencies, skills, and experience

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