Money & Banking, 2012


“In ancient times, money was mystical and sacred. Modern money is commercial, not sacred, and it is mystical only in our willingness to accept it as a means of exchange for goods and services.”

Money & Banking explores the important function of money in our modern economy and as the raw material in banking.  It explains also the pivotal role of the banking system in implementing monetary policy and reaching economic goals.  In addition to supporting the course, the Money & Banking textbook is a great reference tool about the basic functions of money, markets, and financial systems.  Money & Banking provides well constructed chapters with content bankers need to know and features to make learning easy.

Content Topics Learning Features
Basic functions of money Learning objectives
Evolution of money in society Key terms Types of money and payment devices Introductions
Money supply, concepts and measurement Content discourse
How banks create money Summaries
Financial institutions in the United States Review questions and answers
Banks as business firms Additional print and website resources
Banks and the payments system Glossary
Responsibilities of bank regulators Charts and tables
Bank legislation and regulation Illustrations
Economic policy and the role of banks Stories or sidebars
Banking and international trade Extended reading material on special topics

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The Money & Banking textbook supports the ABA Money & Banking course delivered through AIB Online and may also be used in the classroom to teach AIB Money & Banking.

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