Legal Foundations in Banking, 2017


The newly-created Legal Foundations in Banking illustrates the basic principles of laws that affect the business of banking. It covers the fundamentals of banking law, from check negotiation to lending to bank safety and soundness. The content in the book is based on a previous ABA textbook, Law and Banking.  This book supports the Legal Foundations in Banking course.

Chapters cover the following topics:

  • Legal sources for U.S. banking law
  • Uniform Commercial Code Articles that are pertinent to banking functions
  • Responsibilities placed on banks in the Community Reinvestment Act and fair lending law
  • Elements of contracts
  • Legal requirements for check collection and payment
  • FDIC insurance on deposit accounts
  • Disclosure requirements for electronic fund transfers (Regulation E)
  • Funds availability rules (Regulation CC)
  • Customer identification program (CIP) requirements
  • Protections offered consumers in loan servicing and debt collection
  • The commercial lending function, commercial loans, requirements, and the foundation for legal analysis
  • USA PATRIOT Act recordkeeping provisions for customer identification programs
  • Requirements for bank advertisements, including references to deposit insurance
  • Legal and other issues impacting bank practices today

Softbound,  2017
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eBook, 2017
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