Consumer Lending, 2013, 7th Edition


Consumer Lending covers the essentials of the consumer lending business today and explains the important and relevant features, processes, and laws. Students taking Consumer Lending will learn the features and benefits of consumer loan products and operations, including closed-end and open-end loans, direct and indirect lending, and secured lending.  The textbook traces the consumer lending process from generating and processing loan applications to loan closing, documentation, collection, and recovery.  It also reviews the credit investigation, loan evaluation, and decision-making processes.  Students will develop a greater understanding for customer relationship as well as the laws and regulations that affect lending. 

Consumer Lending supports the AIB Consumer Lending course offered as an ABA Online Course or Consumer Lending taught in-bank or in the classroom.

Other topics include:

  • Taking loan applications and loan interviews
  • Marketing and sales to increase application volume and loans outstanding
  • Consumer loan information sources and the credit verification process
  • Using the five C’s of credit in loan evaluation and decision making
  • Factors affecting loan pricing and loan structuring
  • Loan documentation in today’s market
  • Laws and regulations impacting the lending process

New information presented in this edition includes:

  • An explanation of the legal and regulatory results of the Financial Crisis of 2008, including the Dodd-Frank Act and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Updated information about the federal response to subprime lending products, including the qualified mortgage rules and changes to the Truth in Lending Act
  • An explanation of the purposes and requirements of the CARD Act and its impact on credit card lending
  • An explanation of the changes to UDAAP laws made by the Dodd-Frank Act and the CFPB and the importance of these changes to consumer lending
  • Updated information on the changing econommic landscape of consumer lending channels, including Internet lending and social media sites as well as direct lending and indirect lending
  • Updated information on Regulation Z and Regulation M as revised by the Dodd-Frank Act
  • Revised content on the use of prepaid cards.

Recommended Instructional Hours: 15-30-45

Softbound, 7th Edition, 2013
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