College Accounting, 2018


College Accounting, 13th edition, provides a foundation in accounting procedures.  The textbook supports the General Accounting course offered by the American Institute of Banking.

College Accounting presents accounting in a practical, easy-to-comprehend manner. Emphasis is placed on developing a firm foundation of fundamental procedures with appropriate repetition of content through the use of examples, exercises, and color-coded illustrations. Each chapter is limited to the presentation of one major concept, amply illustrated with illustrations, term definitions, documentation, and report forms.

Features of College Accounting, 13th edition, (© 2018 by Cengage Learning) that are helpful to readers include:

  • Annotations that summarize key concepts and present pieces of information about current business practice.
  • End of chapter review questions, exercises, cases, and problems.
  • Web assignments that provide opportunities for readers to do hands-on web browsing with involvement that will sharpen critical thinking, and improve both oral and written communication skills.

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Recommended Instructional Hours: 45

College Accounting, Chapters 1 – 12, 13th edition, 2018 Cengage Learning.
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