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Explains the advantages and disadvantages and tax implications of the 529 Plan and Coverdell accounts. Covers the benefits and drawbacks, including the tax implications of custodial accounts. Describes the fundamentals of 2503(c) trusts and Crummey trusts, including the advantages, disadvantages, and the tax implications of the trusts.


  • Discuss the use of qualified state tuition plans
  • Explain how a Coverdell Education Savings Account can be used for college savings
  • Discuss the role of custodial accounts
  • Describe the use of 2503(c) trusts
  • Explain how Crummey Trusts can be used in estate planning

Audience:  Trust officers with at least three years of personal trust experience who need a deeper understanding of technical trust concepts and how solutions work when applied to client needs.

ABA Certifications: 1.0 CRSP, CISP, CTFA

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