Communication Basics Suite


This suite of three courses explores the primary elements of effective communications, key in delivering good customer service. Completing this suite provides tips for becoming an active listener, developing effective questioning, and understanding body language. Concise, impactful lessons can be applied on the job immediately.

Duration:  Approximately 20 minutes.

Courses: (Only available as a suite)

  • Becoming a Better Listener
    Guides you through the concept of “active listening.” Learn how to use the Sender/Receiver model.
  • Communicating Effectively
    Guides you through the elements of effective communication. Discover how to apply the tenets of the T.H.I.N.K. acronym in your communications
  • The Importance of Body Language
    Guides you through understanding the role of body language in communicating. Discover how to better read body language in others. Understand the cultural differences of non-verbal gestures. Gain tips on controlling body language in order to support your verbal message.

Audience: For Professional Skills. Branch and administrative office staff, call center staff, tellers, new hires, and anyone who may interact with customers.

This suite applies to the following ABA Certificates:

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