Analyzing Business Financial Statements and Tax Returns


Examine personal financial statements and tax returns, including combining business and personal cash flows into a global analysis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Types of Personal Financial Statements
    • Describe the basic formats for personal financial statements
    • Identify the information that is reviewed and verified prior to analyzing the personal financial statement
  • Key Ratios and Adjusted Net Worth
    • Calculate and interpret the liquidity ratio, unsecured debt ratio, and debt-to-income (DTI) ratio
    • Perform an analysis using ratios to determine a personal financial condition
    • Describe the components of adjusted net worth
    • Use adjusted net worth to perform an analysis of key personal asset and liability accounts
  • Personal Tax Returns and Cash Flow
    • Describe the key components of a personal tax return
    • Use tax return information to develop a personal cash flow
  • Combining Business and Personal Cash Flow into Global Cash Flow
    • Explain why global cash flow is critical when making credit decisions
    • Develop a global cash flow and global DSC for a borrower

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ABA Certifications: 7.25 CLBB

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