Legislative Bill Tracking

State Issues

Governor Cuomo signed into law A.8421 (Simotas)/S.6577 (Biaggi), which strengthens sexual harassment laws in NY. The new law narrows the definition of sexual harassment by replacing the “severe or pervasive” standard, establishes strict liability for all employers in New York State, bars the use of mandatory arbitration in discrimination and harassment cases in the workplace, and requires a study of recent prevention measures.  While the new law states it takes effect immediately, certain provisions take effect at different times, including provisions relating to nondisclosure and arbitration agreements, which take effect 60 days from signing.

Federal Issues

House Financial Services Committee Ranking Republican Patrick McHenry (R-NC) is urging Chair Waters to hold hearings on cybersecurity and data protection in response to recent data breaches. Congressman McHenry believes the hearings should explore the current regulatory regime governing cybersecurity, especially third-party providers.

For additional information on any of the State or Federal issues, please contact:
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