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NYBA Financial Education Initiative Powered by EverFi

Education is the most important thing that we can do together as a community. For so many of the challenges we face–unemployment, poverty, income growth, income inequality–a great education is a major component of the solution.

NYBA Financial Education Initiative Powered by EverFiIn today’s global economy, consumers have an even greater need for financial literacy. The current economic crisis has made clear the need for financial education. Knowing the basics of personal banking, as well as the larger financial world is a key step to creating lifelong learning who are responsible members of society.

If we are going to remain an economically competitive nation, it is an imperative for young people to understand how the economy works and how to achieve financial security in their own lives.

Power the Future of Education

NYBA is pleased to partner with EverFi, Inc., a leading educational technology company, to bring an interactive web-based personal finance course to students in your area.

EverFi provides an opportunity for member banks to enhance existing financial education initiatives and deliver the latest technology to local high schools through a private-labeled program that teaches, assesses and certifies high school students in the core concepts of personal finance.

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21st century learners are more connected than ever before. Classrooms are global. Geography is no longer a barrier. As a result, decisions, behaviors, and expectations have adapted to meet the new digital age.With the emergence of this hyper-connected society, information inundation has left people looking for sources they can trust. Financial institutions have long been the authority on financial education. now more than ever, consumers are looking to member banks for information they can trust.

Millenials Rely on Banks

With the new digital generation comes an evolution of how we communicate. To cut through the clutter, informationmust be shared in innovative, fun and engaging ways.

The EverFi Financial Platform solves this need.

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