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SBS Institute – Certification Programs in Information Security

SBS Institute

The SBS Institute provides educational programs that will certify a banker has the knowledge and skills to help protect the bank against today’s information security threats. The certification programs offered by the Institute are uniquely designed to address banking needs, using banking problems and solutions.  The certification communicates to management, the board, stakeholders and examiners that the banker has completed a comprehensive program focused on managing and reducing risk to the bank.

SBS Institute is part of Secure Banking Solutions, LLC, a consulting spin-off from the National Center for Information Security at Dakota State University. The National Security Agency (NSA) recently named Dakota State University as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO).

The certification courses are taught by acknolwedged experts in information security.  Many are professors at Dakota State University, instructing in the areas of computer and network security.  Featured certifications include:

  1. Certified Community Banking Ethical Hacker™
  2. Certified Community Banking Incident Handler™
  3. Certified Community Banking Security Professional™
  4. Certified Community Banking Technology Professional™
  5. Certified Community Banking Vendor Manager™
  6. Certified Community Banking Board of Directors™

The Certifications are offered as an online course, with seven modules per certificate.  Each module contains two hours of material.  Access to the online certification program is available for ten weeks from the start date.  The lecture material is pre-recorded, however, an instructor will facilitate each course, answer questions, review lab exercise materials, and grade examinations. The Online Certification Program fee is $1,295 per certification.

  • Certified Community Banking Ethical Hacker™    pdf flyer
    Online Schedule: 4/11/2016; 8/15/2016; 12/12/2016
    The Certified Community Banking Ethical Hacking™ certification provides attendees with a solid foundation in theory and understanding along with keyboard experience in running the tools and interpreting the results of penetration testing and ethical hacking.  Taught by Dr. Josh Pauli.  Register Now.
  • Certified Community Banking Incident Handler™    pdf flyer
    Online Schedule: 1/11/16; 5/16/16; 9/19/16
    The Certified Community Banking Incident Handler™ certification covers common incidents banks face, including BYOD, Incident Response Policies, CATO, Malware Analysis, Insider Threats, and data breach response. Register Now.
  • Certified Community Banking Security Professional™    pdf flyer
    Online Schedule: 
    The Certified Community Banking Security Professional™ Certification program will enhance each attendee’s skill set and knowledge base in the areas of information security to better demonstrate their abilities for risk management, information security program development, and auditing. It provides a framework for the entire information security program and demonstrates how to manage each component to ensure successful implementation with attendee’s institutions. This program is a comprehensive set of curriculum that will assist any decision maker who participates in managing and guiding the information security program; it’s not just for the Information Security Officer. Register Now.
  • Certified Community Banking Technology Professional™    pdf flyer
    Online Schedule: 
    This Certified Community Banking Technology Professional™ Certification program provides a deep dive into critical components of an information security program to explore the technical design and implementation of security controls. The topics included in this program are critical to the successful implementation of an information security program, and will explore their relationship. An understanding of risk management, documentation, and auditing will be explored in addition to possible solutions, implementation approaches, and technical considerations and configurations. Register Now.
  • Certified Community Banking Vendor Manager™    pdf flyer
    Online Schedule: 3/7/16, 6/6/16; 9/12/16; 12/5/16
    The Certified Community Banking Vendor Manager™ certification provides attendees with a solid foundation of theory, along with understanding of the third party management process. There will be plenty of hands-on experience in selecting and managing vendor relationships, reviewing documentation, asking the right questions, and helping attendees make decisions regarding the risk of third party vendors, service providers, and outsourced business partners. Register Now.
  • Certified Community Banking Board of Directors™    pdf flyer
    Online Schedule: 
    In the Certified Community Banking Board of Directors™ certification, directors will learn the key elements of each critical component of an information security program. Understanding the results of risk assessment and audits will assist directors in asking the right questions, and providing informed directives. This certification program is custom-developed for the unique backgrounds and needs of directors, to fill in the gaps around technology, information security and fraud concepts to protect the director, and to enhance their ability to perform their duties as a member of the board. Register Now.

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